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Delaware Assistive Technology Initiative

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About This Guide

The Guide to Funding Resources for Assistive Technology was developed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the AT acquisition process. By consolidating information about AT funding mechanisms, it becomes a handy desktop reference for those trying to navigating the often complex funding channels to secure payment for AT devices and services.

The Guide describes the most significant AT funding sources, their eligibility criteria, and the conditions under which they pay for equipment and services. Strategies for approaching and interacting with each agency or program have also been included. The Guide is partly a compilation of information gathered directly from the organizations represented, but it is also a "cookbook" of AT funding methods and approaches. Legal references have been included where local policies are new or still under development.

Note that information provided herein has no effect of law or regulation, and in no way constitutes an official notification of benefits. Anyone who would like to offer comments or request additional information is encouraged to complete the Feedback & Information Request form  |  PDF Printer Friendly Version of the Feedback & Information Request Form

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This Guide was prepared by the Delaware Assistive Technology Initiative with funding from Grant #H224A910005 awarded to the University of Delaware by the U.S. Department of Education,
National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research
, Grants # DD007 and DD01040 awarded to the University of Delaware from the Delaware Developmental Disabilities Council, and Grant #P-91557/3 awarded to the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. We also would like to acknowledge the staff of the following programs and organizations for their input and assistance in the development of this Guide. Their generous—and often repeated—contributions of time, information, and effort have helped to make this publication possible.

The Delaware Division of Developmental Disabilities Services

The Delaware Division for the Visually Impaired

The Delaware Medical Assistance Program (Delaware Medicaid)

Community Legal Aid Society, Inc. and its Disabilities Law Program

The Delaware Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

The Delaware Insurance Department

The Easter Seal Society of Delaware and Maryland's Eastern Shore

The Social Security Administration

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service

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