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Volume 14, No. 3, Summer 2006

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What's Inside . . . Volume 14, No. 3, Summer 2006

The AT Exchange Has a New Look and More Features
The DATI is excited to announce the launch of the upgraded AT Exchange. Since the debut of on March 2, 2004, the website has helped thousands of visitors find information on assistive technology (AT). One of the frequently visited sections of the DATI’s website is the AT Exchange, where individuals can list AT devices they are either looking to sell/donate or post AT they are interested in acquiring. Launched on August 17, the AT Exchange section of offers a host of new features.

Photo of Adnan Hemedi receiving a SpringBoard from Prentke Romich Company with his mother by his side.Brandywine Student Receives AAC Device
To mark the 40th anniversary of the Prentke Romich Company (PRC), the company decided to honor the individuals it serves. PRC, an augmentative and assistive communication (AAC) technology company, started its “40 for 40” program through which 40 PRC speech output devices will be donated to individuals who lack funding options and would otherwise not be able to obtain a device.

A Driver’s License Means Independence to Many In Delaware, public transportation is not always convenient. Not being able to drive can quickly lead many people to feel isolated or dependent on others. Especially for individuals with disabilities, driving can be crucial to their freedom and autonomy. While the standard age to obtain a driver’s license is 16, individuals with disabilities are often confronted with added challenges in obtaining a driver’s license because they must go through specialized driver’s education, obtain medical certification, and install adaptive technology to even operate a vehicle.

Remaining at Home...Priceless
It is widely recognized that people with long-term illnesses and/or disabilities who wish to remain living at home need various types of support. Providers and users of assistive technology (AT) consider AT one of these essential support services and yet realize it is not widely recognized. Thus, the potential impact of AT devices and services goes unrecognized.

Photo of the Single Switch Scanning Control for Apple’s iPod Technical Solutions Australia (TSA)Interesting New Products Enter AT Market
There are some wonderful new products that have recently been brought to market that I would like to share with you. The first two products that I will discuss have exciting implications for education, while the third product is more in the realm of recreation.

The AT Bargain Basement
Hello again, my friends, and welcome to the summer edition of the AT Bargain Basement. I’m Marvin Williams and I will be your guide through the world of AT bargains. For those of you who are regulars to the Basement, welcome back! If you are new, I should explain our rules of engagement. First, I try to find all of the AT bargains I can for $100 or less. Second, I try to find bargains available in local stores; however, some of my bargains are available on the Internet as well. Third, if you send me your bargain ideas, I will present them for my readership to marvel over, and I will credit you appropriately.

Low Vision Tools Added to ATRC Inventories
Thanks to a partnership with the Tobin Foundation, the Delaware Assistive Technology Initiative has been able to add some wonderful low vision products to its ATRC inventories. The following items are available for demonstration and short-term loan through your local ATRC.

Screen shot of AudacityMP3s – Not Just For Music Anymore
Almost everyone’s heard of them, and many people use them for entertainment on a daily basis. MP3 files, another term for compressed audio files that can be used on computers, small portable players, and most new stereo equipment, have been around in the public domain since 1995.

Stay Home to Go on Vacation
As the weather warms up and the sun’s rays start to beckon you out of your air conditioned home, the DATI thought we would supply you with some local ideas of how to spend those long summer days.