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Workers Compensation

By law, every employer must provide workers compensation coverage. In some instances, employers of farm workers or part time employees may be exempt, but they will usually provide some form of coverage to protect against lawsuits or direct payments for work-related illness or injury*. The types of benefits that are available depend on the nature of the person's problem and the insurance policy itself. Medical benefits will usually cover the purchase of AT, and rehabilitation benefits may be used for both equipment purchase and training. Services are generally geared toward getting the employee back to work. The employer usually files the original benefits claim, and the insurer assigns a claims adjuster to the case. The claims adjustor may contact the injured party and his/her doctor, the employer, and others who may have a bearing on the case to determine the nature and extent of the injury and entitlement to benefits. If the employee disagrees with the decision that has been made, an appeal can be filed, but that must occur within the timeframes specified by the insurance carrier. Consult the employer's personnel office or the insurance claims adjustor about the terms of the policy and the appeal process. Once entitlement has been determined, the beneficiary may express a need for AT to the claims adjustor either directly or through the doctor.

*A work-related illness such as cancer or asbestosis may be covered even when the actual condition does not occur for several years after its cause.

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